starts out sensibly

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But ends up unhelpful.

Climate change is NOT a product of human activity. In the truest sense, it's not even happening. It's the same as it ever was; to wit: variable, according to planetary and cosmic conditions.

Power mad psychopaths want you to think otherwise.

For fucksakes, can't we stop falling for their horse shit? Is it really that much easier on you to just take their word for it than to do a little research and SEE into it? Stop, look, SEE? Really?

I am heavily in favor of cleaning up our planet to the very greatest degree possible, but this global warming ruse WON'T get it done and will immiserate even MORE people. Fuck off with that noise.

You think just because right wingers came out immediately with "more carbon dioxide is good for plants" and "it's natural and so not amenable to alteration by humans" that means those statements are WRONG?

WHO taught you that truth has a partisan bias?

Shoot that person dead.

No, really. It won't be murder. It will be defense of life.

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