christ, now it's "b" too

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Stop it! Trump's been steadily withdrawing! He WANTS us out of the ME, and with each move, they pull a harsh one he has the choice to own or look like a dumb fuck. He owns them every time, even though he had nothing to do with them, and THEN he defuses them. This one is almost a 100% guarantee that not only Soleimani, but Donald Trump gets his way.

And if Israel does another murderous stunt, they might be shocked to find out no U.S. troops or weapons come to back them up. THEY can nuke it out with Iran. We need shut of this horse shit with Israel, and maybe I'm dreaming but I think that's what Trump is doing. Giving them their fondest wishes and then leaving them to it. Sink or swim, fuckers.

I don't know if he can succeed. I only know there are a strong contingent of good guys operating sub rosa to help him cope with the hydra, and I start getting mad when all you strategy wonk men start showing your dank nether parts on your blogs.

Cool them.

pipe up any time....