don't listen to this kind of shit

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Unless Iran has said, "Fuck you," to both Russia and China, this will NOT escalate. So just de-escalate yourself. Soleimani was an Iranian hero. He was getting too big for his britches and acting without the Ayatollahs' blessing OR against their orders. So the country will be mourning and the leadership now between a rock and a hard place.

Just everybody cool it.


The worst part of this for me is this murderating fuck with the canary in his mouth is yanking Donald's chain. I both hate how kind to Israel Trump has been and feel some sort of relief that the long struggle is nearing an end... EVEN though it's not an end I ever would have picked.

Bibi Netanyahu is not a human. He's DEFINITELY at least half pig, and the other half lizard. No matter what, Israel can NEVER be proud of him. Never. And you KNOW the intel Trump got that occasioned this spectacular assassination came from both CIA and Mossad, came from people in government whose first loyalty is not to The People or President.

So. Fuck any of you with your terrorist "sleeper cells" horse shit. Fuck any of you who want war with Iran.

It was not only the Ayatollahs between a rock and a hard place here. It was also our president... who made the right call, given the information he was given. He had NO choice but the one he chose and he did it for the right reason. Bibi's glib bit about Trump "deserves all the credit" makes me want to puke.

But just COOL IT now, please.


I forgot to mention that I hope with all my heart that the Ayatollahs are on the phone with Putin and not letting their loss extend to their heads. I certainly do not know, but I imagine the only reason Iran is not a full SCO member is from not being able to promise 100% to resist provocations to WWIII, and I'm pretty sure this one isn't going to be the one that makes the rest of the SCO mad enough to just shrug, and say, "Oh, well. We tried."

Their whole plan for global third millennium geopolitics is no-WWIII-and-peacefully-trading-sovereign-nations. Iran going all full-hot-head will NOT play well with their allies.

pipe up any time....