driving day

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I have an important ophthalmologist appointment tomorrow and a court appearance on Monday and Peggy and Jim's dog to take care of while they're visiting their daughter and her new love in New York.

The rain might even ease up enough to throw my shit into the trunk of my car without getting soaked.

Keyword being "might".

If the neighbors' rats try to move back in while I'm gone, I'm buying a gun.

Meanwhile, I'd like to remind you that I met one of the people responsible for our state's budget some years back and it still gives me nightmares. I know they THINK they're progressive, but the observable facts show our state devolving into a third world culture and environment and government. The opposite of progress.

One good thing about leaving today, is that it's mostly only been raining here and if there aren't too many slides or downed trees between me and Eureka, there's a decent chance the rest of the way will be clear... and dry.


I made it.

I'm old. I had a drink and a big dinner and updated my OS and I'm too pooped to finish a cigarette.


pipe up any time....