here we go again

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There have been, at the minute, a total of 218 reported cases, with four deaths, two of whom were old men. All cases from Wuhan, and though their SARS guy says it's capable of human-to-human transmission, there have been no instances of it shown in this outbreak yet.

Whenever I mention people are getting entirely too hysterical about things like the measles and the flu, a bunch of people jump down my throat about being insensitive to the deaths they have caused.

If I feel feisty I ask them if they've compared the disease deaths to the vaccine deaths yet, but mostly I just wave them off. Yes, people die from even the most trivial diseases. Very few, and it's always because of compromised immune systems. Babies don't have developed immune systems. Old people have degraded immune systems. Already sick people have very busy immune systems... or completely broken ones.

This has always been the case.

But, this one, so far, has less than a 2% mortality rate, and less than 1% if you take away the old guys, AND it seems to have arisen from a market in the city of Wuhan, China, where all of the victims may have come into contact with the same vector, which makes the number of news items about it and all the airport measures and the WHO bloviating more just a function of Information Age hysteria and officialdom's automatic CYA mechanisms.

I don't know. Maybe Chinese people should quit licking the produce or leaving the chicken corpses out too long. Or maybe we all should just flat out do more for our immune systems and try to keep our effervescing anxiety down to a dull roar.

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