i am vindicated

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A seriously competent ophthalmologist has determined once and for all that I have two whopper cataracts that are the cause of my seriously sucky vision. In the process, it was also determined that at this time the very best correction they could offer for this is 20/50-20/70, which, if you don't know already, means my blindness would only be very slightly less onerous if they bothered to do this.

So. Those suckers are coming out, and soon I will be the bearer of prosthetic eyeballs. This probably won't solve everything but it probably WILL leave me able to find my glasses without contact lenses.

I'm in the middle of making all this so... soonest.

The bodhisattva eye doctor who goes off to do this for free in darkest Africa all the time FLATLY refuses to do them both at the same time. This is silly. Say he blinds my right eye in his effort to turn me back into a sighted person. Just say that total disaster occurs. The left eye will blind itself anyway, so why not just get 'er done?


Okay. Okay, fine. You are a surgeon god and I appreciate you. We'll do it your way, even if it's goofy. Who ever said I was unreasonable?

pipe up any time....