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Beside psychopath clown shoes racing without a track and genuine mass delusion to explain this stuff. It is interesting that the creep on the NSC got put on administrative leave, which leads me to believe that the DoJ investigations are really getting somewhere, but I still resent the living snot out of having to put up with so much sturm und drang from a bunch of lying liars sweatily trying to recover some control over people who still have a couple of synapses left to rub together.

Truly, very little of this stuff is even new from the time before even the president was sworn in, when Admiral Rogers gave the transition team the heads up. The only intricacy in all this that is ACTUAL is the unraveling of the corruption in the last administration... which, yes, was only updated from former ones, but THAT'S THE POINT. We want it to stop, and the circus of ludicrous besmirchments from "liberals" has nearly everyone disoriented and nauseous.

It can ONLY be that they can think of this one means — making everyone too sick to keep paying attention — to get the reins back. Do you feel safe when they have the reins? Do you like the abjection blooms freckling our nation from their dank ministrations?

Are you nuts?

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