i feel sorry for this guy

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There are a lot of people who think that can't possibly have been an accident, but unless there were some Soleimani lieutenants aboard, it had to have been an accident. This whole thing has been about a hit on the guy the globalists were planning to put at the head of Iran.

At least half the "intel" Trump got was VERY tired old Darth Fudd stuff, bureaucratic WMD-in-Iraq level horse shit. The OTHER half of the intel will have been about the power base of Soleimani to take over Iran when the Supreme Leader and Council of Guardians lose control. This would be why Nosbaracktu was dealing directly with Soleimani. Don't make me go look for the pictures of McCain with Baghdadi and all the other evidences of US-sponsored militia in the ME, please.

The vaunted Iran deal was about cutting loose with the necessary funds to strengthen Soleimani. He was their guy. No two ways about it.

Trump did the RIGHT thing, the anti-globalist thing. It's NOT recycled neocon, and we're not going to war with Iran. He did the one thing that can nearly guarantee against it. The regime is crumbling. The real powers are all VERY old and the guys in there amongst them are VERY likely to be already aligned with various Western influences.

Without Soleimani, the WHOLE people of Iran have a chance to get this figured out themselves, and settled once and for all. It can't have escaped any of them that they could be more comfortably mixed between Westernized and staunchly Islamic in a strong alliance with Russia, and I hope the Supreme Leader has realized how close he came to decapitation and complete loss of his cause enough to turn to Putin and make some kind of deal for the good of his country.

We're not good for them. Yes, half the Iranian Boomers are THE most pro-American in the country. They miss the days when they could go to elegant cocktail parties while the Islamic fundamentalist rabble were kept at bay under the Shah. The breakdown is, now, the kids in the cities wanting shut of the Islamic Republic business and everyone throughout the rest of the country wanting to keep it.

We had a classic Soros-type color revolution there in 2009 and a mob of JSOC shit disturbers too. Didn't work. Maybe it's working this time, but the whole of the population outside the cities will not be happy about it... back to abjection for them.

They're the ones bussing in to try to stem the tide against Westernization, and... I don't blame them.

Soleimani becoming THE most powerful man in Iran would have been a fate far worse for Iran than the Shah. Khamenei cannot have been unaware of that. He was in a desperate pinch... the immanent stuff that Trump's people were alluding to when justifying the hit on Soleimani.

The stuff on the streets of Tehran is not organic. It's provocateured by experts... sort of like here, only harder... and NOT concocted by Trump's administration. It was concocted by the same people who were planning to crown Soleimani. It was gaining speed and Iran — while in seriously miserable shape right now — just got its chance to regain its status as a sovereign nation peacefully trading with the rest of them.

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