i wonder how it feels

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To be someone millions wish were dead... and billions more would wish it if they only knew. Pretty clear he doesn't care, or even uses it for fuel, but, see, it isn't the billions doing this to people.

I like that this fellow brought up the comparison with the Koch Brothers. Might make a couple witlessly perseverating liberals have a fleeting ah-ha moment... or is that just wishful thinking?

When do we start giving a shit for our workers? Do you think socialism will take care of them? Don't even go down the chute on how it could if we made the right kind. We can't make the right kind with the psychopaths' undying obsession with control. There are NEVER enough Hugos or Fidels or Evos and ALWAYS too many trillions at the disposal of psychopaths.

People have been SCREAMING "localism" forever, and they are RIGHT, but that too can't stand against the depredations of psychopaths. The population MUST be strong and smart and well educated and spiritually healthy and LOVING and courageous OR shit happens.


But we're kept too busy with political theater and bread and circuses and purple-faced screaming for our constitution and WON'T take time to make sure the kids are grown properly... to rip our kids back from the dripping maw of social engineering for global fascism.

We like to think we're more civilized than back in the day, when the peasants rose and macerated the psychopaths, but, truly, do you really think that letting them run amok like this is more civilized? Really?

Hint: We have ways to handle this peacefully, lawfully and dispositively, but we have to USE them.

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