raining sabre tooth tigers and giant sloths this morning

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But it's just drippy now, so I got to the store before I starved to death and to try to make it through the next few days before needing to choose between sopped and fed.

I had to buy salt today, the mineral salt, ancient seabed mined, serious shit kind of salt that helps old women retain bone mass and intellectual capacity... AND, dammit, I broke down and got some worm castings for the gorgeous antique rose that's almost out of dirt in its rotting container, because, dammit, I hate roses, but this one is old and rare and beautiful and I shouldn't kill it.

Insane inflation notwithstanding, I am keeping my grocery store expenditures to $10 a day no matter how hungry I get. They say that calorie restriction is good for old people. You know, no pain, no gain kind of shit.

pipe up any time....