don't panic

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It will be partly due to the new test being instituted and due to the WHO arriving. It will be why yesterday's numbers were low and why they rose so sharply today. The vast majority of cases are still on Mainland China and there seems also not to be anyone not ethnic Chinese who has died.

That does not mean Bill Ryan's "China Will Catch a Cold" thing was right either. I think it means something along the lines of bats drowning in the Wuhan water supply, IF what they are stating unequivocally now — that it's definitely from bats and it is definitely not from the market first identified — despite Wuhan being the site of the outbreak and remaining the highest number of cases and deaths anywhere in the world.

I happen to think it follows that it would come from the water source, a bunch of drowned bats, or a pile of dead ones dumped in a water source... maybe even bats that had gotten into a holding tank all drowning when they refilled the tank... and it got all over Wuhan. In and on every living thing.

Which makes all the rest of the cases people who ate food from Wuhan or were in Wuhan.

So it will be mostly people with a stupendous viral load their bodies cannot fight off dying of this, and then, too, most of them will be old or with underlying conditions that prevent the immune system from functioning up to snuff.

And the death rate is still just a hair over 2.5%... NOT huge.

Take yer C an D, have a nice medicinal slug of serious alcohol every night and wash yer goddam hands after you've touched anything from China and you'll be fine.

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