okay. this is important

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Spiritual liberation comes from dropping your biases, your mental presets, the media propaganda, the mother fucking narrative, to see actuality. Even if I don't care much about Glenn Greenwald and company since selling out, I still have a feeling of trust in what he says... which could be dangerous.

He is an ardent Bolsonaro opponent... as is the rest of the weaponized media. It could be that Bolsonaro isn't the right wing psychopath he's made out to be. I mean, even with all his idiotic flaws, Alex doesn't hold with psychopaths. And even if you don't trust Alex, you maybe still remember that PJW does NOT suck as a real journalist, even if he's kind of gone off on a more cultural commentary tangent.

So. Maybe we could just try not to act like android harpies whenever that name pops up, wot? I think that's the sane way to proceed.

pipe up any time....