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They have to keep enough of them alive to get a brokered convention
Warren congratulates Sanders, touts fundraising surge

Sen. Elizabeth Warren congratulated Sen. Bernie Sanders for his win in the Nevada caucuses during her rally in Seattle, Washington.

“The race has been called, Bernie has won,” she told hundreds of supporters at the Seattle Center Armory. “Congratulations Bernie.”

The Massachusetts Senator went on to tout her recent surge in fundraising following her performance at the Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday. Warren noted that 250,000 people have gone to her website to donate to her since the debate, adding that they have raised $9 million in the last three days.

“Our support has been growing everywhere,” she said.

She also specifically thanked the state of Nevada, saying “Thank you for keeping me in the fight.”
where, mystically, an arch globalist — maybe even someone conscripted, someone not even running — will emerge as the candidate.

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