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Seems as though it might crumble right before their very eyes. I keep hearing Tsarion repeating over and over that evil ALWAYS contains the seeds of its own destruction. Senator Schumer would be one of those seeds.

I think that if this were sane America we could come to a darn decent compromise and while the anti-abortion absolutists would not be exactly happy, they maybe could take the argument that a fetus who could not live outside its mother — while still a gift from God, so to speak — might at least be considered a gift a mother who did not see it that way could decline and still not be considered a bad person.

For the few who don't even know they are pregnant until it's too late to just use a vacuum and the little thing has no fear or pain or solid claim on its parentage, some agreement might be found that it could be delivered at an earlier date and taken to term, so to speak, by a hospital until its adoptive parents show up, or even we just help the mother bring it to term.

It's a good compromise. In the vast majority of cases the woman knows in plenty of time to avoid a grisly abortion and just giving due weight to both arguments, acknowledging women's sovereignty over our bodies AND that at SOME point it IS too close to outright murder, might let us all simmer down and grumblingly-but-not-outright-grudgingly accept that people of good will CAN differ.

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