i think it's really about money

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It's a massively-overhyped virus covering for shifting the money situation out of Ludicrous Land into some other at least temporarily less appalling topography. The Fed is being eaten by Treasury — which is how it should be and has not been in our lifetimes — and there have been many, many trillions of dollars gone missing, as of the end of the Nosbaracktu Administration, from a number of federal agencies.

There is a possibility the purpose of disappearing those trillions was not entirely nefarious... maybe even not nefarious at all, just necessarily covert... that the recent disappearing of means to check the books of government agencies is part of this not necessarily nefarious invisible money.

It might've been about fooling those out there waiting for us to be too poor to be used to prosecute a world war, or it may have been about bankrupting the Fed... who would not lose out in the way you might like, because it seems to me that I only recently spent and hour or two looking into the ownership of BlackRock and they turned out to be pretty much the usual suspects... who aren't going to be missing their Fed money because they will be making all the trades that will be making us money [ostensibly] on our money.

I guess what I'm driving at, here, is that our money is going to stop costing us insurmountably more than we've ever made. I am studiously anti-financial-mumbo-jumbo and thinking about it gives me angina, but there's been too much outrageously-inexplicable-by-sound-reasoning things taking place on the macroeconomic scale, and not believing our secret space program is any more exciting than the regularly scheduled surprise releases of technology they'd been keeping from us forever, able to think of a bunch more earthbound distributions of expenditures, I'm pretty sure I'm onto something here.

All this time that I have been insisting there cannot possibly not be a resistance formed of decent people in high places, and that has been for a minimum of five years, probably longer, now, at last, I believe I see evidence of one of its major goals.

So try not to stress yourself to smithereens over this virus and look at it as humanity in the midst of throttling to death a cabal of power-mad psychopaths who must be FORCED to stop working their will on this planet... for humans' sake.

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