weirdly, i agree

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Let me explain. I was against all belligerence against Iran because I'm fed up with the Holocaust Industry and could see Ahmadinejad's moral high ground, and I loved Homey, our friend in Tehran, and I just don't goddam think it's okay to be aggressors in war, period.

I'm STILL against it, but I've been listening to many men telling their stories of battles in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's no longer just Iran sending Hezbollah to defend Lebanon from Israel. Iran has gotten into it all over the Middle East and North Africa, especially in Iraq, and they ARE killing our guys.

I don't think we should be in Iraq at all, or any of the other places, but we ARE and despite wanting the MIC fucks who put them there lined up and shot, our troops have been working their butts off, and giving their very lives, for the little people in all those places. It sucks that psychopaths USE that to destabilize and capitalize, but OUR TROOPS give a fuck for the PEOPLE.

From all this listening I've been doing, I'm even finding out that Christopher Hitchens' creepy ass Islamophobia was NOT as off the wall as it seemed. These guys do some hair raising and horrific shit TO THEIR OWN and Iran has been training and arming a bunch of them... the ones not trained and armed and paid by representative of the last U.S. administration, that is.

And the sudden access to and expertise with IEDs. That was Iran, too.

So this really IS the perfect response.

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