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My tub is in there?


4:45pm News Flash

The rez bad habits and gasoline store has reopened! They've been closed for three weeks and I had been forced to buy a carton of Lucky Strikes in Oregon for a price more California-like than Oregon has any right to impose.

So I just bought three cartons for that same price at the rez store, AND a bottle of Grand Marnier in celebration. Maybe my most profligate extravagance in years, because who knows but what our fuck head governor might make it illegal to be old and out of our homes soon.

If that happens, I'm burning down my house and taking up one of his hotel suites for the superannuated infirm, room and board on the State of California... and hiring young men to run around and buy me booze and smokes... and a shotgun to saw on.

My days of law-abiding nutty old lady will turn epic.

pipe up any time....