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But a lot in it comports with things we found out early on, and then dropped off the radar. Just like Crossfire Hurricane. Accidental journalism before the perps can get the lid all the way down. So you should listen, or listen again because there are significant bits all through it.

Like, last time I knew, development of bioweapons was outright illegal worldwide, but now it seems to have just moved to virology labs. The Chinese virologist who produced this had to go so far as to splice in HIV code and her own invention to a normal bat coronavirus in order to make it able to infect and spread in humans.

Do you think any SANE virologist could call that "research on modes of natural mutation"?

And don't give me any shit on the HIV part because that was the first thing reported by Russia when examining the RNA sequence in SARSCoV2, the "novel coronavirus" that causes COVID-19. The Russians were postulating that AIDS meds could help against this virus, came out with a list of possible therapies based solely on what they could see in its sequence.

Also note that Nosbaracktu was funding and had power over this woman and her lab. He and his ilk have done so many genocidal things using our military and our tax money and their drug and human trafficking blacker than black budget that it can hardly be disputed there's at least equal blame between globalist psychopaths and the Chinese Communist Party.

NOT the United States of America. We are not them. They just have, still, a ludicrous amount of control over our resources.

Many other bits. I'll let you discern for yourself. I don't endorse or have any opinion on the assignations of blame in this documentary other than stated.

Lucky for us that proper treatment renders it not more lethal than the common cold.

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