i translated some antiviral tony for you

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It was arduous, and I know you'll ignore him if someone doesn't translate sometimes. So brilliant herbalist who makes magnificent messes everywhere, as edited by me:

Eggs may help to prevent viruses from "stealing" the membrane they need for survival (due to the Phospholipids in Eggs).  You can add garlic and onion with this to further increase the impact as well as other foods like bayleaf,  coconut oil or even make an omelet with added olive leaf, nettle, Siberian ginseng and sea salt (will produce a chloride which will disinfect the body as well as increase HCL production) and pepper (increases piperine to increase the absorption of the foods you are eating) or you can make a broth and whip an egg with these components and then just soup it down.

Apples possess antiviral effects — fresh pressed apple juice from a juicer with added cinnamon will also have a potent anti viral effect.

D-fractioned maitake mushrooms may suppress many types of viruses (due to their beta 1.6 glucan content) — seems to work the best even for cancers.

Shiitake mushrooms may suppress various viruses.

Aloe Vera (juice orally) may inhibit some types of viruses due to its acemannan content.

Astragalus may inhibit many viruses (due to the Astragalus B content binding to cholesterol on the outer membranes of viruses, destabilizing their defenses and thereby allowing the body’s immune system to attack the now weakened virus).  Usually combined with other herbs to increase synergy as well as support.

Echinacea may suppress many viruses, provided it is grown in the wild. If domesticated will have nominal impact, if any.

The Urtica dioica Agglutinin content of Nettle may inhibit some types of viruses.

Olive leaf may suppress many types of viruses, primarily due to its oleuropein content. 

Pau D’Arco may counteract some types of viruses primarily due to naphthoquinones such as lapachol content.
Saint John's Wort may suppress several viruses due to its hypericin content. 

Cat Claw may exert antiviral activity against some types of viruses.

Siberian Ginseng may increase the immune system’s ability to resist infection from viruses. 

Tea (especially Green Tea) may inhibit the reproduction of some types of viruses (including the HIV and influenza virus) – this property of tea is attributable to its polyphenols content. 

Charcoal may reduce the activity of some types of viruses.  Make sure it’s non-nano.

Coconut milk may inactivate some types of viruses due to the high lauric acid content.
Coconut oil may inactivate some types of viruses due to lauric and monolauric acid content.

Topical tea tree oil may kill some viruses.
Vinegar is speculated to dissolve the lipids in the outer envelope of lipid-containing viruses, causing the viral envelope to disintegrate, thereby exposing the interior of the virus, permitting it to be destroyed by the immune system (due to its acidity).  Use only distilled forms.

Garlic may help to destroy many types of viruses.  Formula: add a whole bulb of garlic to 1 1/2 cups of vinegar (plain vinegar do not use apple cider vinegar unless it is distilled ) distilled vinegar in general —blend in blender for 10 minutes when done turn off blender and pour into a glass jar—allow to separate or you can  filter (will leave that to you)  when using 1/5 of a tsp 1-2 times a day, unless ill, then every 3 hours.
Above all NEVER use nano ANYTHING, even though you can't stop it bombarding you everywhere and on everything these days. Just don't. Tony will kill you, okay?

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