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This fills me with mostly apprehension and reprehension, even though I like both men and trust both of them, what they're talking about is the octopus and how the fuck it will be a miracle if we squeeze free.

Also reminded me of my vexation over the Uranium One deal... which hinges greatly on Putin's motives. It will look to Americans as though he's in league with the globalists, but to those of us who have been paying close attention it looks more as though he was merely taking advantage of their weakness for large sums of money to better position his country to deter psychopaths.

As a mere member of the great unwashed, there's no infallible way to determine that.

It was good to hear Lou bring up the running out the clock part, but no comfort.

Also, the election fraud thing needs an ARMY of experts and security forces to halt.

It's terrifying.

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