does justice really take this long?

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Or were politicos marking out the optimal timeline for the election?

No. Really. I was paying attention — heart attacks notwithstanding — and how did I see all the signs right away and this is news now? Trump opened his mouth about it. Shortly thereafter we were told how he knew. Boom. General Flynn gets railroaded with NO clear signal he did ANYTHING wrong, just bum's rush blather about stuff that's not even illegal, and I'm already hollering bloody murder.

So, here, now we have it in a nutshell, not really even debatable anymore that indictments need rolling out and vigorously prosecuted, but Trey Gowdy seems to think Nosbaracktu should be spared? The old saw about it being bad for the country? Like, dudes, this protracted shit show hasn't already gotten us on death's door? Like maybe FINALLY straightening this out wouldn't be the elixir of life for the United States of America?

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