i did not explode

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I "patiently" endured the blathering nincompoop going on about all his COVID-19 precautions on his fishing boat — punctuated by "the new normal" and "the world will never be the same" — like a good NPC. Never mind that I was in a hurry to get out of that consarn "health" food store and needed directions to where they'd moved the gallon jugs of potable water.

I'll not burden you with other similarly appalling examples from the general public. I can't EVEN scream at you about your fucking boob tube anymore because it's coated the entire system of pipes too.

How many actually sentient-enough humans do you reckon we have left? They can't tell hype from their own opinion. Yes, yes, I know they'll bluster like regular people if you call them on it, but that's just it. NPCs are too fucking lifelike.

pipe up any time....