raining cats and dogs all day and all night

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It'd been raining in fits and blasts for more than a week, and yesterday it barely rained at all, but today, we're already over an inch and maybe as much as another one before it lets up again.

So I distinctly remember receiving an email first thing this befuzzled "morning" with a video of a Texas doctor yelling her head off about pharmacies going all above their station, blocking her hydrochloroquine prescriptions... fired me up... left me wanting to go out and run in circles in the driveway, naked but for my huge alpaca sweater.

Oh, well, maybe not get my sweater sopped first thing.

So I stifled my charge and resumed lurching around after coffee and groping for my morning pills.

Well, now it's later that same rainy day and guess what?

She DID it!

People are partying in New York against the law. Everywhere.

We're America, telling 'em to stuff their totalitarian horse shit.

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