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And young people so rarely GET it. It doesn't seem to affect them. They're struggling anyway to make themselves into solid citizens and the loss of the businesses that might have helped them with it doesn't register... and most especially not when they live in metropolitan areas. There always remains the appearance of a functioning society.

The fallout from 2008 is still all around me here, and the horrible bankruptcy of my credit union actually ended up doing me a big favor, but NOT until after I'd had to spend some days with an empty stomach and having to wait in THE most ludicrously long line in my storied history on this planet before I was reconnected to my no money enough to eat again. So in the coming year or so, there will be another big swath of four-up local businesses.

More chains and boxes, but no community welders.

You might only be able to grasp this in the abstract, but you come out to the sticks and the depredations are much more clearly visible and personally impactful. No. Really. And it's not just proximity to vivid proof, but also the benefit of others' LIFE EXPERIENCE helps give sentient beings the mental equipment needed to alleviate the misery — mitigate the harm — even as it so often drains the energy to do it for the damn ignorant brats.

So much value is lost by the single worst feature of modern society. Disrespect for elders. I count myself very lucky to have had so much experience with very old people when I was a young thang. I mean, not that it helped me much in my physical fiscal incarnation, but it did wonders for my spirit, which is what it takes to progress humanity... she says as she watches herself rusting away like an abandoned Edsel off in the back corner of the yard.

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