cultural anthropology fieldwork in cyberspace

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A nap took me somewhere around 8:30-9pm last night and I woke up at 12:35am. Yes. The sleep circus is still in town. Never not in town. It's now just a matter of how many rings I have going at once.

So I decided that, rather than check in with the denizens of Out There to make sure all my doctoral work hasn't gone stale, I should check in with pop culture. Most of it is just too fucking crass to bother anyone with, let alone me, but I endure for the endless quest to understand for myself.

No. Really. Ludicrous crap. Utterly amoral scuzzballs with cameras and mics deploring Chris D'Elia for hosing on young ladies of iffy, line-steppy, existential chronology... via DMs. Males afraid of cancelation by SJWs, not because they are clearly dirtbags whose online presence is barely more decent than frank pornography, but because they may have flirted with someone not verifiably at or past their 18th birthday.

Anyway, I lasted long enough to come across this, and it's valuable information, food for thought, worth my earprints in this my lifelong quest to find the intersection, or even just a rope swing, between my mind and yours.

pipe up any time....