i had a late night nap

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I was house sitting in yet another beach town. My mother showed up, and her friend who met her for lunch once a week, and my father. Dad just came in to talk about the house he wanted to buy me, wanting me to come look at it. Mom just wanted to talk about some party we were supposed to attend.

She was telling Dad we could do that after the party. He hates parties. So I had to go with Mom and her friend, but I had to get dressed for it. I put on some plastic fancy clothes, the kind she likes and I hate. She and her friend were all thrilled about my plastic outfit and trying to protect hidden knickknacks from a wall-to-wall album collection.

Don't ask me. I just work here.

She kept talking about me not forgetting an appointment, and I thought she was talking about a dentist, and looking on my computer for evidence of an appointment, but she was talking about the opening of some new brewery/restaurant, clicking over to its webpage to remind me, and in the middle of that she said, "Your snoring is awful," as she was leaving the room.

My computer turned into a large iPad-like structure from me trying to clean it, but worrying it would make me late for getting off to this party, I put it down and ran out. Mom and her friend were waiting for me in a half-sunken boat full of half-dead frogs. I had to dive in to get in the boat with them.

The party was going to be in honor of some middle-aged Japanese artist. I kept asking his name. Not pertinent or something.

I was manning up to get the half-dead frogs out of the boat and vexed about bothering to put on this plastic shit if I was only going to be soaking wet to go to this dumb party, while poor old Dad waited for us in his truck.

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