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The video of the boy brutalizing his dog is just a snapshot of the beginning phases all the videos we've seen of black men brutalizing people at random or at whim.

The main message is that lives generally don't matter to very many people. All this work to haul our asses up from the brute existence of cave people has really only been bought and enforced by law. That could work out forever so long as we keep being bought, but there are psychopaths and parasites parading around as people.

And pointing this out doesn't seem to get through to anyone.

They only LOOK like humans.

Not like humans don't have enough failings, and especially when you get them into universities to be taught that thinking well of themselves is more important than any actuality they come across. There are usually pretty impressive libraries at most colleges and universities. Personally, I'd prefer to be given a room right in the middle of one and spend my entire life reading, but I am weird that way. Very.

Seems grade school is now about convincing kids never to read, probably because of all the unrewarding pap their eyeprints are dragged across, and don't even ask me about high school because THAT is where everyone's hormones are SO bonkers that books and exalted concepts are completely untenable. Girls are busy dressing up as clones and babbling about how they want to marry rich men for a living, and boys are busy trying to interest those girls in seamy little sexual tableaus.

Generally, high school teachers settle for being popular. They call what they do toward that end "progressive" and leave it up to university professors to mindfuck the kids into useful idiots. All of them convinced what they are doing is educating young people. Indoctrinating them is a better way to think of it.

Because if they manage to have their own ideas and intellectual pursuits they are cajoled, threatened or flunked into submission. Fuck truth or even ideas that depart from anything of a grant magnate nature. We have psychopaths and parasites to please or we don't eat. Got that? Kid? So you go along with this or you never get to be an expert or get a job good enough to ever pay back your crippling student loan.

These are our "progressives".

It's beaten into them. You can't convince them they're anything but. They will wave their degrees in your face. They will call you crazy. They will call you a conspiracy theorist. They will go out and burn down a building being remodeled to provide low income housing and loot the business district of a predominately black area. They will shoot an old man who is trying to help guard his friend's business to death. They will smash windows and windshields and your skull with skateboards.

Well. They will do this, but not themselves, mostly. They organize and sic feral black kids on civilization to accomplish this, all the while bleating out righteous-sounding slogans. Sometimes ludicrous-sounding in righteous tones.

The hierarchy is unerringly psychopaths/parasites on top, successful businesspeople and intellectuals next down, hard workers next down, losers and lazy/unlucky and feral kids on the bottom.

Democrat [globalist] politicians and their [globalist] media are telling you this is recent upheaval is all toward a great leap forward, and an astonishing number of mentally conditioned young people believe them, are avid to be their instruments.

We have known for centuries that you can't let people get too hungry or too stupid on too big a scale or shit happens, and yet this state of affairs has been being actively cultivated in recent decades, and for just the purposes of the psychopaths and parasites. Nobody under them in the pecking order has made a move to stop them, to turn it around.

It's all lip service and flourishing NGOs that only pay their employees really well to put people in place to execute this dismantling of civilization that is heading toward a drastically lowered global population and a futuristic form of feudalism in service of a very few living in complete luxury on the face of a recovering planet.

That's their plan.

They're going to hate it because they can't stand not having enough power games to play and so they'll probably form factions and blow each other up, which MIGHT leave some humans alive in pockets and the whole thing will start again... for maybe the umpteenth time over the last several hundred thousand, maybe millions of, years.

Try to contemplate what it would be like to have had the courage to stop them.

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