if you have the patience

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You might want to endure this. First, you do not want to try their patience, and second, you do not want to resist arrest to any sort of violent extent, let alone relieve one of his taser, let alone turn and try to use it on them.

Yes, he was unarmed, and yes, he complied, albeit making a fairly psychedelic job of it, but, as they were cuffing him, shit began coming down. I would say that it didn't NEED to come down, because if they hadn't immediately taken him down to muscle him into compliance, the worst he could've done was get away on foot... no longer drunk driving.

That's where not trying their patience in the first place might have saved him. They might still have had the wits to not jump on him when he tried to pull away. I say "might", but I have witnessed cops going from zero to sixty in a split second when anything even mildly physical takes place.

They go from officious to outright panicked, boom.

Creeps me out to see them go from plastic cordial to genuine ape like that, but they are drilled over and over and over with the imperative of not letting subjects or suspects erode their authority even a smidgeon, and I believe THAT is the genesis of most of these completely unnecessary deaths.

This one's hard because he went from compliant to extremely not by surprise, not really giving anybody time to think... so, obviously, better they do their thinking BEFORE this point, like when in possession of his ID, already run through the system, and when established he's unarmed, they already both know NOT to use any force on him at all.

Maybe better protocol and better-trained, better-paid, mentally and temperamentally equipped cops who DON'T lose their shit over the possibility of a drunk getting away on foot would be the best way forward. How hard would it be to insist that — once it's established the suspect is unarmed, especially if you have his/her ID — you do NOTHING about their attempts to flee.

NO force.

You'll get him later, or not. Mox nix.

The penalty will be higher later, for the rest of his/her life later, so... chill.

This was ONLY cops following protocol right into tragedy.

THAT could be fixed. Protocol could be fixed.

Anyway, here, cops' mistake to pile on, protocol or not, and then perp's mistake to take officer's taser and try to use it on them while fleeing.

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