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Hoping it was just some ultra-paranoid bank robber or something, but, no, it was an extremely-determined cop killer. If you look at the slide show, you can see he was pretty mad about the chickenshit cops out there. Not all cops, just the chickenshit ones.

And. Not. Going. To. Take. It. Anymore.

I don't know, but I don't think he was planning on killing the cop he killed, or hurting any of the cops he hurt. I think he was planning on going to a protest and picking off the chickenshit cops and his driveway was mined so as to take out any cops who might find him at home afterward... well, or planning on murdering chickenshit cops and committing suicide by chickenshit cops and leaving a little surprise for the chickenshit cops and/or journalists going to his house to investigate after.

I don't endorse this action, but I do feel he has more heart than the fuckers out there looting and rioting and killing the innocent people who get in their way. Makes me sick how humans almost never fight the fight, but instead fight each other.

The PTB need to be made to CARE about us, even if it's only self-preservation driving it, or it will only ever get worse. Mobs of self-righteous jackasses spraying foam about racism to people who are not even racist is just a seriously obnoxious circus act and hardly even fazes the psychopaths who are responsible.

And if you'd ever been to Ben Lomond, California, you'd be gobsmacked that anything like this happened there, of all places on the face of the earth. No. Really. Just ludicrous.

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