not that it would've saved officer underwood

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But I think I'm pretty much of the Jocko Willink School of Better Police. I think we need to make it much harder to get a job in law enforcement. You need to be Special Forces level vetted and trained.

Weed out all the psychologically unfit candidates. Keep them all fit. Pay them seriously well. Expect god-level patience and patriotism from them. Treat them like people with god-level patience and patriotism.

The silver lining to almost twenty years of total bullshit military involvement on the other side of the planet is that we have an UNPARALLELED level of infrastructure that can be almost immediately augmented to train police. NOT to use deadly force, but to know how to use it and how to mitigate the chances it will become necessary.

Going off the rock solid principle that ALL lives matter, wanting the stats on police murders drastically lowered, we do now know exactly what it takes to train people to be deadly as fuck while NOT killing innocent civilians.

You might be having fits about our military's startlingly awful track record with "collateral damage" and yelling at me through your monitor right now, but I'm not talking about not-special-forces military and drone pilots. I'm talking about SEALS and Rangers, etc. Those guys know their shit.

Yes, even some of those ones don't have the psychological mettle to be cops — mostly from losing it over their brothers getting their heads blown off right next to them — but, and so, really, they have the best track record for physically, mentally and emotionally fit men for the job when you factor in that the law enforcement guys would NOT already be slimed by PTS.

NOT retired Special Forces cops. Retired Special Forces cop trainers. We could prop up facilities right next to the military bases that train military to this level, and train cops to this level. Easy retrofit. The SEALS have deployments that are to go back and put the youngsters through BUD/S, which, yes, is mostly about under water torture, the baseline minimum hellish environment to separate the men from the boys, but each of them then goes through all manner of special training for combat that has nothing to do with frogmen skills.

These guys are trained for all mediums. Air. Water. Land... desert, jungle, mountains, cities. And now space. Also, not just combat, but also very high level field medical. And intelligence. Point is: they have programs already that can train terrestrial law enforcement up to the highest standards and help keep them there.

We can DEmilitarize them by using the military in the RIGHT way.

Are we too big idiots to do this? Too far gone? Or might it save us?

pipe up any time....