oral argument in re flynn writ

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I don't know for certain, but despite wildly irritating questioning that of course needs to be made in any such proceeding, I think they will issue the writ. And, as I alluded to yesterday, I'm not sure how this goes... how long they leave the audio up for. Maybe forever. Maybe until some amorphous date. Maybe I'm worrying for nothing. But I think they will issue the writ because, even if all the other argument left a sliver of room for Sullivan to keep fucking with General Flynn and the rest of the country, argument by government counsel at the very end pretty much nailed it.

If you don't want to endure the agonies of legal blather, please just go to 1:41 and listen for two and a half minutes. No one disputed that most salient of points, because it is clear it can't be disputed, and failure to grant the government's motion to dismiss OR require further exploration by the court DOES ignore separation of powers.

I could go on for hours about this, but that one point, I think, is binding.

Or maybe I should say "I hope" is binding because there has been a heck of a lot of outright psychedelic stuff going on in our branches of government lately, and I'm never sure if we're really here anymore or the chemtrails are really spraying us with aerosolized LSD.


I think Margot Cleveland has possibly come up with an even better course the Court might take. In English: Since Sullivan can no longer be considered disinterested, they simply assign the motion to dismiss to a different judge.

A long-serving judge doesn't get the blot on his record for his TDS, and the PERSECUTED defendant gets his life back. Maybe not as satisfying as poking the judge in the nose, but it would be a gracious deescalation.

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