snap out of it

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People are dissing the Proud Boys for not entering the fray.

I thought it had been established long ago the both BLM and Antifa are Soros-funded organizations. Unfortunately, I get why they're trying to draw a distinction between them now, and I get why a lot of the protesters are confused about it, because it's the organizers who know the score, not the people they rouse to action, not the people who just join in to be counted.

Why would the Proud Boys bite? Why would they want to draw fire off their enemy?

Why wouldn't they be protecting their families and businesses and neighborhoods like everyone else who loves our country?

It's crystal clear to me the globalist vampires are trying to burn us down, desperately distracting us from the daylight threatening them, using chaos for cover as always. Surely, if the Proud Boys have been good faith actors all along, and they seem mostly to have been just that, they would not insert themselves into this death circus.


And you know how bad you gotta fuck up for the Mennonites to pull up?

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