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I have some experience with this Oklahoma thing. Despite all the screeching and hollering about rapists and murderers getting let out of prison, I think SCOTUS did the right thing.

It could even be the thing that brings Oklahoma up into the ranks of livable again. Dunno. I really do know the Choctaw hospital across the street from GeorgeAnn's house was very nice, and REALLY good to her. They took her in inside two minutes of our arrival at the ER and had pictures of her tumors inside an hour.

They gave her serious ass pain relief. Boom.

They found her the nearest hospital that could handle her... which was in Arkansas, but not really as far as that might sound, and her wagon was fixed with loving dispatch.

All while the million mini-earthquakes raged on; the dog packs ranged on; the food desert held stolidly to every possible spot where actual nutrients would be expected by anyone from either coast....

Anyway, no matter how much pain it causes, they did the right thing. They reinstated Native Sovereignty where it was never supposed to be lost.

Might even be better for administration if the tribes retook the whole state.

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