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But I was pretty convinced the CARES Act provisions were pretty cool. There's still lots of money left in the SBA's Payroll Protection Program, despite the screeching about the big boys hoovering it all up, and the provisions for the self-employed to be eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits would more than have made up for any initial losses to the vast herds of micro-businesspeople who wouldn't've qualified for the PPP.

I was darn impressed that there had very obviously been generous provisions for the little guy this time.

I still am.

But, evidently, it's too much to expect most of these people to actually apply for the available help... or something. Please, if you have substantive information to the contrary, please let me know. WHAT am I missing?

I mean, I'm sure more provisions are going to prove necessary in places where the government STILL isn't easing up on us, but the initial provisions for this ludicrous excuse for a pandemic were much better than merely adequate, and were actually a boon to millions of lower paid workers and struggling self-employed.

I can't remember the feds ever having been this fair to the little guy... and I'm old.

What's your beef?

pipe up any time....