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Since the day you were born you have lived in a germ soup. This is a good thing. It grows and maintains a strong immune system. Makes it hard for germs to hurt you.

Germophobes are the sickliest people on earth.

Because they spend their lives sterilizing themselves and their environments.

It all goes to cut the number of germs on/in them. It weakens their immune systems. It is not possible to eliminate germs completely. Hospitals have to try hard to cut them down to the greatest extent possible because they are cutting into people or poking them with needles or at the very least making sick people hold still where their immune systems are already too busy struggling with one disease to be fighting another.

Doesn't work very well, but the effort pays off in hospitals.

The rest of the time, it works against you.

I mean, don't be a pig, but people's eyes itch, or they scratch their crotch and then grab a potato chip. Or they pick their nose — aka germ incubator — and wipe it on a hand towel while reheating a slice of pizza in the toaster oven. They spend hours digging in the garden and wiping the sweat off their brows.

Just the billions of skin commensals crawling all over your body, different types establishing beachheads, warring with a million wannabe invaders, are constantly being smeared over every surface you touch and being shed into the general atmosphere.

And I'm not even talking about nanoparticles yet. I'm still talking regular microbes, benign or malignant fuckers. We're lousy with 'em 24/7/365 from conception through long after death. That's, literally, life. Okay?

What you call you is literally composed of MORE non-human biota than human cells. You're really just here to propel microbes from one place to another and find safe harbor for them to replicate in peace.

Some of them only live for minutes! They are born only to replicate and die. It might even be that the only dangerous germs are the ones that are the most prolific, shoving out too many of the good bugs that keep you alive!

Now, curse the day humans figured out how to use nanoparticles... because knowing that does not also equate with managing them, because, well, THAT is impossible. Why do you think my gorgeous friend and savior, Tony, has for real lost his marbles in his heroic efforts to warn you of the uncountable ways nanoparticles can fuck you up?

And he's just talking about the inorganic ones, but his caution about particles that size having insanely easy access to your cells and the pileup of them in there kills the cells, applies to anything nanoscale.

He spends all his time that he's not ranting and cautioning us to a crisp devising ways you might at least thin the nano crap out of your system so your cells don't all become so overloaded they can only die.

Guess what.

Come on. Guess.

SARS-CoV-2 is a nanoparticle.

You KNOW what to do.

HINT: It has nothing to do with politics OR experts.

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