i'm glad i slept through it

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All I can say beyond this and this is that I am crestfallen for my country that this is going on at all.

I hear the Court trying to squirrel out of mandamus against Sullivan... which ordinarily I would be patient about, because I've heard he has a sterling record and we don't want a blot this size on it if it can be avoided, but IT CAN'T BE AVOIDED. His entire handling has been weird as hell and leaving people scrambling to figure out how his rulings and pronouncements can be in any way be construed as impartial, but the bullshit with Gleeson has made that impossible.

I don't know what the hell's going on, or up from down, yet, and it sounds as though the en banc hearing is exploring whether it wouldn't just be better to assign another judge instead of grant mandamus. Sidney is arguing for the mandamus, and unless they decided it on the spot, which I'm not seeing, just people griping about the justices rudely interrupting and it not looking good, I'd say they'd rule against mandamus but replace Sullivan, which would [ostensibly] be a new judge coming in to dismiss the case with prejudice.

Let me finish my goddam coffee.


Okay. It's now 4:40pm and I have successfully completed my "morning". Sullivan's counsel is sticking to its original contention that Flynn and the government must let him play games with their constitutional rights. Flynn's and the government's counsel strongly asserted that their constitutional rights must be respected.

If the court doesn't rule some sort of quick relief for General Flynn, whether it be mandamus or whatever else, we're in trouble deep. If there's some question about the government's actions over the course of this case, it should be dealt with through some other mode of adjudicating government or attorney conduct.

I have spoken.

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