people griping that it's illegal

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I think they're forgetting that we're in a declared state of emergency, which makes it legal for the president to do just about anything. That he's been judicious in his application should be a matter of pride for us, and that he's just slapped off the congressional clown shoes should make us all positively giddy.

I don't like that Voter ID [and lately vote by mail] seems to be everyone's cure for election fraud, because it smacks of the end of secret ballots, but they want to throw out signature verification, which is what they are supposed to have been doing all along and HAVE NOT, so you goddam listen to Donald about the Voter ID debacle.

The DNC staunchly refused to do ANYTHING about election fraud, and this is why. THEY WANT TO THROW ELECTIONS. They WANT to just wipe us completely out of the process.

So. [1] Payroll tax holiday for those making less than a hunnert grand to the end of the year, which will be forgiven if Trump wins in November. [2] Protecting people from eviction. HUD loans. [3] Unemployment supplement extended, but reduced to $400 a week, plus will pay 75% of any state increases. [4] Student loan payments not mandatory to the end of the year, and maybe beyond.

Also looking at lowering income tax and capital gains tax for lower income Americans.

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