the method to their madness

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Is increasingly more transparent, so much so that even some among their own ranks are defecting. The globalist psychopaths are out of wedge issues to exploit.

They can't convince enough of us that we're racist. Most people are willing to settle on early abortions being legal and late ones being illegal unless threatening the mother's life. The two greatest wedge issues in the history of disharmony are just about as dead as wedge issues ever get and if they don't generate more pie fights they will have to stand on their records... which, of course, LITERALLY stink to high heaven.

Everything's backfiring on them. They are wanting the definition of the term "third world" changed to third rock from the sun because, truly, serfs in metropolitan squalor while billionaires lounge in plush estates is their ideal global culture.

But some of their useful idiots are wising up... so contrast this with the president's executive orders today. WHO is on our side and who is working for the psychopaths to bring the planet to its knees?

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