while i was being soothed by patriotic people

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I guess some filthy "peaceful protestor" rioters were killed by a guy who was out with his rifle — either to protect protestors or a gas station, depending on the source. I don't care why he was there with his rifle. I'm sorry it came to killing, but it's been looking more and more every day as though it will need to come to killing to stop this satanic idiocy at work on the streets of many American cities.

And I'm going to mourn those the vicious idiots killed. Not the vicious idiots, no matter how many end up killed in the middle of their despicable displays. Sorry, not sorry.

Also, word is that neither the mayor of Kenosha nor the governor of Wisconsin will call the president to stop this, so, again, the feds are guarding the courthouse, staying in their wheelhouse, awaiting such time as Democrat officials decide to act like decent people.

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