i think the feds may have gotten most of the leaders

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Or frightened them with the threat of sedition being added to their charges, and local officials being charged for aiding and abetting their bullshit. It's throwing a wet blanket on the color revolution.

The riots in Portland have stopped, which they are blaming on Andy Ngo tweeting out their mugshots, and the big abortion planned to kick off today MAY have been outright canceled, which they are blaming on all five or six white supremacists.

When these maniacs say "white supremacists" they mean other white people who don't agree with them, but when we hear them say it we think they mean some vast army of racist madmen.

They also firmly believe in intruding on the civil liberties of anyone who disagrees with them. They know this is all poppycock, but truth is for idiots.

Power is everything.

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