i'm giving this a hearing

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Since it seems to sync with my personal experience. I mean, truly, the only time I've had the flu in my life was after my doctor gave me a flu shot. I had a million colds in my late teens and early twenties, but only one since, and that one was a doozy.

I'm thinking that was nearly twenty five years ago, and it knocked me on my ass for about four days and then a few quarts of snot exited my face all in one day. It's always been allergy or toxic air or food poisoning that ever made me feel crappy since.

I don't know how this squares with things like, say, heart disease or COPD... what? The cells stop cleaning themselves? But it is worth contemplating, especially since the suggestion the other day that we might be something like plants who communicate their distress to their kin such that they begin producing chemical defenses against the pathogen. We know plants do that.

So why not consider that sick people give off distress signals that cause others' bodies to begin producing immune responses that mimic the illness in the original sick people? No good reason. Only your mental habits.


Yes, yes, nobody trusts this vaccine bullshit anymore and so now's the time for the cranks to come out of their holes and take the limelight, but many times in the history of science the cranks have turned out to have been right all along. It's good for you to THINK about it... and here it is in a nutshell.

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