oh good, lendman's still alive

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I am so tired of defending Putin from nonsense. I've even got idiots accusing me of some sort of girly Putin worship. I'm sorry, boys, but I'm darn sure 99% of Putin's bad press is just like the 99% of Trump's bad press. Pure uncut bullshit. Mindfuckery. Propaganda. X minutes of 1984 hate. Whatever.

Each successive incarnation of Putin pundits demoralizes me more. These are supposed to be intelligent people. I know, I know, people succumb after this much repetition. Still, it grates on me big.

It may SOUND like it must be true, by now, to so many, but IT ISN'T.

Vladimir Putin is a hero of the Russian people. He has performed miracles, none of which are these sweaty imaginings of the globalist psychopaths.

And all these years later, I still have caught neither Putin nor Lavrov in a lie.

I am sure they're bloody fucking sick and tired of us, and NOBODY could blame them. So I'm glad old Stephen bothered to put you straight on this latest LUDICROUS ninnying from the press.

You'd think they'd be embarrassed to even use the infamous novichok for this shit now. Keep acting as though just because Russia is the only known manufacturer of the stuff, it has to be them. If WE know the chemical formula for it, anyone on earth can, and some even would, make it. I mean, aside from the fact that if it were novichok, that idiot would be dead as a doornail and he just completely ISN'T. Just like the Skripals aren't.

Oh, I'm getting myself all wound up again. I'll go soak my head.

pipe up any time....