billy woke me up with this news

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I was going down to Mendo World today to chicken sit for Peggy's sister, but it was pouring down rain out there and I couldn't face packing my shit into the trunk of my car in that. Then the rain stopped at around 11am and I decide I can do it if I can get outta here by noon.

Then, of course, I'm right on the verge of hauling the stuff to my trunk when it starts rainin cats and dogs again. Eye roll.

So, I'm going to pack the stuff up after the rain has actually quit and be ready to leave, just walk out the door, tomorrow morning. The chickens will be fine.

I have to do it before noon or it's too dark for the cataract in my left eye for me to be driving. They will FINALLY be fixing that while I'm down there, thank God, after all these months' delay, and I should be able to SEE again at last.

pipe up any time....