coronavirus vaccine deaths

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Tony sent me two articles about South Korean vaccine deaths. One says five deaths and the other says twenty-five deaths, which puts me to remind you that they've been trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine for decades, to no avail.

Which puts me to remind you that if they're making decisions to use vaccines that don't injure or kill millions, but do injure or kill a small percentage of those millions, they STILL will never have any business mandating those vaccines.

Especially not with all the creepy ajuvents they put in them and, now, double especially because some of them are taking a gene tampering approach... which has never been tested in humans before... and the mRNA vaccines have to be kept frozen or cold or shit happens. It's not really going that well, and there are therapeutics we already know are cheap or free that work very well.

We've all heard about how we defeated polio with vaccines, when really polio was in a steep decline before the vaccine was used, and that vaccine hurt many, many people. In fact, it's still hurting and killing people where there is a much weakened form of polio still extant... courtesy of Bill Gates' epic capitalistic philanthropic urges.

I'm not telling you what to do, but I want to remind you that stupendous amounts of money are made on vaccines, whether or not they work or are even necessary. The grant and investment capital monies alone are worth researching to create a vaccine that will do your laundry in your sleep, and stave off the disease of death... even if it kills people.

Just slow yer roll on this currently hip reliance on science, because a great deal of science is NOT science, would be better seen as a liars dice tournament in white lab coats.

Truly, think of the genius who decided that since aluminum hypes up the human immune system — naturally — that means it would be a great ajuvent for the MMR vaccine we give toddlers! Imagine that guy every time you see a mother [frequently single] chasing after her maniacal autistic son before he runs into traffic.

I surfed past a post about CBD having a wonderful effect on cytokine storm yesterday... which is what hydroxychloroquine has in spades and is dirt cheap and was even OTC in many countries where the cytokine storm of malaria kills people, but not if they take the dirt cheap and totally safe hydroxychloroquine. It gives the same benefit to people with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis... and COVID-19, but you're too stupid to understand that or too easily talked out of it by politicians with Big Pharma vampires screaming "SCIENCE!" in their ears.

Try to settle down and take care of your quality of life above any of this shit.

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