not kidding

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NPR is treating physical evidence of major crimes by Joe Biden and his son that has been verified eighteen ways to Sunday as "pure distraction" with which they don't want to waste your time, preferring, I guess, to abuse it and you instead.

Pfeh, who cares if the relatives are all in the influence peddling business, giving "the big guy" half and setting him and Jill up like royalty. So many broken laws evidenced in the material from the computer repair shop it's dazzling.

Again, verified every way possible by people in the emails, by metadata, by Hunter's signature on the papers from the repair guy, by his lawyer trying to get the laptop back, by experts, by officials, no goddam joke.

"Biden Crime Family" is not an exaggeration. It's actual, and Rudy Giuliani does not fuck around with crime families.

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