yes. well.

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He was just carrying on in a long-standing cabinet level Mexican tradition, I can assure you. I worked on that goddam House of Death case long enough to know that much for sure. I might be a well known truther journalist by now if not for the nitwit professor at some university in Texas who had the documents I needed to break it wide open, but he wouldn't let me touch them unless I swore to make it about our racism toward Mexicans.

I had quite enough to understand the mechanics of that long debauch, but nailing the responsible parties would take seeing what was redacted from the documents I had, and the keeper of those precious items was on a racism kick... OR perported to be to save his own skin if someone got the truth out by use of those documents.

It's just as I tell my soft-hearted nitwit friends about the illegals pouring in. THEY'RE NOT PETS. Many of them will NEVER live by our rules.

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