frost again this morning

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And I know this because the goddam robocallers actually even woke up the hens when it woke me as the sun was just barely ready to come up. No order among the unscrupulous. let alone morals, and the poor stupid girls started trying on their rooster impressions a second after that goddam phone rang. Fine.

I got up. And shivered my way out to the henhouse to open up the floodgate when I noticed that the outright stupendous winds of the past couple days and nights were gone. Thank Christ. Tarps flapping and knocking things over, and wind shaking out all the trees. Now frost just pissed off the kiwi tree in a pretty florid way.

I went and played doctor with everyone in Mendo World this morning, came back and took a bath, then went off to the chiropractor to see about strategies to help knock my spine back into line when it slips out. He says sleeping on my stomach is very bad for this problem. Not helpful, but some of his newfangled gizmos did help a little.

Humans. Can't live with them. Can't live without them.

Chickens. Make up for their pain-in-the-ass-tude by laying the perfect food for you. They are messy and stupid and silly and are easily killed and eaten by just about everything else that lives out there, but, damn, fresh eggs are DELICIOUS and they have every nutrient you need. Eggs from the supermarket are nuked to prevent salmonella... which prevents nutrients and they taste like it, too.

Geezers oughta think about keeping hens, though. Gets you off your butt and puts some energy in your cells. And if you do it on a large enough scale, everyone for miles around is delighted to help you keep your egg stock down to a dull roar.

pipe up any time....