i don't think i mentioned it beforehand in 2016

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But I felt a shift in the week before the election, and it turned out to have been a solid intuition. I am feeling it again, just the fact that Biden announced he wouldn't be campaigning in the last week before the election, but he suddenly IS... propped up by Nosbaracktu and Lady Gaga, if you can call that propped up. Sure, somebody tuned him up on the vile optics of such a Clintonesque motionlessness, but more like Mister Put A Lid On It found out his ace in the hole had been dislodged.

Or not. Just a weird collision of various small weird things.

Well, this geezer general, I'm pretty sure is really trying to terrify you into the voting booth, but I think he knows whereof he speaks about what happened in 2016, and I don't know that the Trump people would be stupid enough not to prevent this Score Card business. You know, forewarned really is forearmed and all. And maybe they didn't think it would be used in the midterms. A mistake.

But after listening to that, listening to this, made me cry.

All those goddam aggravating YEARS working against this shit, and it's so much worse now than ever before, and that boob wannabe radio personality "election integrity [in]activist" who was right there in the midst of these fucks JUST DID NOT GET IT. I mean how could all that talk possibly not override his idiocy?

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