the word had been that somebody busted hillary's rigging

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Back in 2016, and the word is, now, that she did in fact lose the popular vote as well as the electoral vote back then, and we can see better now how that happened. Again we have a Democratic candidate for president who did not campaign, and, let's face it, could not.

But this time we have a president who was not complicit in it, and clearly did try to head it off at the pass, including his 2018 Executive Order that applies to the foreign companies with full access to our voting machines and tabulators. I am grateful so much effort is going into cleaning this up.

And I'm grateful Sidney Powell is in charge of the computer hacking end of this filthy business. I trust her to make sure it stops happening here. You might recall that Mr. Putin immediately mandated the return to good old typewriters after the Snowden revelations. Well, maybe our Supreme Court will mandate a return to good old hand counted ballots after the Powell revelations.

Computers have opened the gates of hell on us. Until they are made impervious to the kinds of skulduggery employed by the unscrupulous, they have no business in use for our elections OR our government.

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