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And it is particularly good in light of the Executive Order the president made before the election. I think maybe all that telegraphing about what to expect from this election was made because he knew what was coming and was making preparations to bust it once it happened.

I reiterate: Clear lucite locked ballot boxes at EVERY precinct. At close of voting, counters come into each precinct, unlock the boxes and count BY HAND with as many observers as feasible AT EACH PRECINCT, and then returned to the locked lucite boxes before anyone leaves and observers accompany the counted ballots to the county offices. The tallies are called in to county offices from the precincts, and the counties then add in the absentee ballot totals, and backed by the locked boxes from each precinct full of counted ballots, to which they will add their own locked box of counted absentee ballots, and call in the totals to the Secretary of State, who then adds them all up and declares the count for their state publicly. Electronic machines and internet never used in any part of the process.

People say that's too prone to error. It was never AS prone to error as it is now, and this is also not AS prone to fraud as ever before in our history. NO movement of ballots from the precinct until each is counted and observed and certified on the spot. This also leaves the means for recounts and audits open for anyone who wants to conduct them until such time as they may be long mooted and/or destroyed by the ravages of time.

This is not rocket surgery and all attempts to make it rocket surgery are ONLY about the ability to steal elections.

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